The world’s first crowd-managed fund!

Vote on what the fund should invest in and let the wisdom of the crowd outperform the market.

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Controlled by the Crowd

WhaleyFund is managed by the crowd. Investors in the fund (the crowd) will be able to vote on what the fund holds.

WhaleyFund will then rebalance dynamically based on the crowd’s collective knowledge.

To ensure the funds success, users who make smart decisions get more powerful votes.

A Low Cost, Smart Portfolio.

Investing in WhaleyFund gives exposure to stocks like Netflix, Apple, Tesla and Amazon.

Being crowd-managed, the WhaleyFund is able to be more active and respond to changing markets faster than other funds. 

Security & Risk

WhaleyFund has been constructed to minimise risk and maximise security. Don’t know anything about financial markets or investing?

Don’t worry, the crowd-sourced logic actively takes care of your money without having to do a thing. Every user is ranked based on their previous performance and their votes are given appropriate power.

The fund itself is constructed with one of the worlds leading investment banks with over $1.7 trillion of assets under management.

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